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CPU stress test

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Stress testing puts computer hardware under high load and stress levels to ensure that it will remain stable when its components are being used in a daily routine. Basic stress testing includes:

  • extreme workloads
  • tasks
  • memory usage
  • thermals
  • clock speeds

CPU stress testing is carried out to check the performance of each component of a central processing unit by running them at full speed and maximizing their temperature.

When a CPU is being tested, all the cores of the chip are burdened to ensure that a thorough test is run.

CPU stress test tools

Various tools exist to carry out stress testing on CPUs. Have a look below to read about a few of them.

1. IntelBurnTest

IntelBurnTest is a free stress test tool that will push your processor to the limit while simultaneously showing you how stable your component is.

You can download this software and learn more about it here.

2. Adia64

Adia64 is another tool used to carry out CPU stress testing. This software is not free – the package starts at around $39.95. For the majority of users out there, it’s completely unnecessary to purchase this tool, especially considering the other free stress testing tools that offer the same basic functionality.

You can download this software and learn more about it here.

3. Prime95

Prime95 is one of the most reliable tools when it comes to stress testing. This tool determines the Mersenne prime number using the CPU and generates a heavy workload in accordance with that. If the CPU can withstand this tool for five to six hours, it is a good indication that the CPU is performing well. Prime95 offers two important features:

  • Small FFTs (Fast Fourier Transform) can be run to reveal potential issues early on.
  • Blended tests stress the CPU and RAM at the same time.

You can download this software and learn more about it here.


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