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Distributed hash table technology vs Bitcoin blockchain

Malik Ahmad

It is imperative to understand blockchain before drawing the difference between distributed hash table technology and Bitcoin blockchain technology. Both technologies are distributed but serve different goals.


The blockchain is a distributed public ledger that contains the history of all transactions made on it, including the traceroute. Anyone on the blockchain can trace and verify the transaction, but the user cannot trace real-life identities through these transactions. Blockchain uses hash functions to meet the encrypted demands needed to solve its computation of blocks.

Visual representation of blockchain

Distributed hash table

It’s a decentralized storage medium that stores data based on key-value pairs. It consists of nodes, and each node is responsible for a set of key and associated values.


The key is a unique identifier in a hash table produced through a hashing function.

Hash function

It’s a function that takes a set of inputs, of any length, and maps them into a table (or any other data structure).

Distributed hash table is very expandable because the data is equally distributed among the nodes and the lookup time is O(log(N)).

Mapping of Hash Table

Bitcoin blockchain technology

Bitcoin blockchain is considered pseudonymous because we can use it to trace the transaction, while protecting the real-life identity. Blocks on blockchain refer to the group of transactions during different periods. Blocks on the blockchain are connected in a way that every next node depends on the previous node thus, making a chain known as the blockchain. Finding and publishing new blocks on the blockchain is known as mining. It makes the system more secure. You can explore mining in detail here.

Block explorer services allow us to explore blocks on blockchain.

Blockchain vs DHT



Provides tamper-proof data structure.

Provides efficient lookup time and data storage.

Every node stores complete data.

Each node is responsible for portion of hash table.



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