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Django vs. NodeJS

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Django is a robust open-source Python web framework. It is primarily used for building professional websites and web applications. Django is high level as most of the code has been abstracted out for clean and practical code writing.

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NodeJS is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that was written in C, C++, and JavaScript. It is used for developing high-level network applications using server-side JavaScript. It allows developers to write complete and highly scalable web applications with JavaScript.

Learning the difference

1. Architecture

Django is a framework and NodeJS is a runtime environment.

Django mainly follows the design pattern called Model Template View (MTV). The model handles the process of interacting, relating or validating the data.

NodeJS, on the other hand, has a lot of features like an event-driven model, concurrency, and non- blocking input-output. In the event-driven model, NodeJS spawns only one operating system thread on the server machine, ​and it maintains a small heap request.

2. Customizability

Django is a framework. It forces users to use a particular structure that identifies with the MTV pattern. A user would need to adjust the structure a lot more to perform the same task in Django as in NodeJS.

NodeJS, on the other hand, gives a lot more room for customizability. The ability to create different kinds of apps is a lot wider since the user can build whatever they want from scratch, without encountering resistance from the program.

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3. Security

Django is a lot more secure than NodeJS. It has ​built-in support to prevent security flaws such as cross-site scripting (XSS). JavaScript has all the security for a proper build, but you need to manually change the prevention features to implement them.

4. Templates And Documentation

Django uses an in-house template system. This helps implement the required task quickly without using up too much time deciding the method. It also has extensive documentation.

NodeJS, on the other hand, allows developers to have a lot more freedom in choosing their own way to implement the functionality. However, this also means that a user will spend a lot more time figuring out a way to perform the required task.

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5. Complexity

Comparatively, NodeJS is less complex than Django as users are free to implement their own way of doing things. Django requires the user to follow a specific structure to solve the problem; this causes it to be more difficult for the user.


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