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Extracting an APK file from Android Studio

Chirag G Samtani

Why APK?

While developing an Android app, you would usually run it on a physical device or an emulator. If you want to share it with someone for their feedback, you would share an APK that can easily be installed on any Android device.

How you can extract an APK file using Android Studio?

  1. In the Android menu, go to Build > Build Bundle(s) / APK (s) > Build APK(s).
  2. Android Studio will start building the APK for you. Once done, a pop-up on the bottom right will notify you of its completion. Click the ‘locate’ button in this dialog.
  3. The ‘locate’ button should open File Explorer with the debug folder open that contains a file called “app-debug.apk”.
  4. That’s it. Rename this file and share!


  • This APK can only be used for testing. For deployment, you should generate a signed APK for which the process is a little more complicated.
  • You need to enable the “Allow unknown sources” option in the settings of the device where you want to install the APK.


android studio
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