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flv vs. mp4

Educative Answers Team

flv and mp4 are containers that are used to store and stream media files. It is important to know that these containers are not directly responsible for the audio or video quality of the files they contain.

Let’s take a look at some differences between flv and mp4.


  • It was developed by Adobe Inc.

  • It does not support subtitles; therefore, subtitles have to be encoded in the video itself.

  • It does not allow a video to be broken down into smaller segments.

  • A flash player plug-in is required to play flv videos.

  • It is widely used for viewing videos online.

  • Some of its most prominent users include YouTube and VEVO.


  • It was developed by Motion Pictures Expert Group.

  • It supports subtitles.

  • It allows a video to be divided into smaller segments in order to help viewers pick up from where they left off.

  • No particular plug-in is required to play mp4 content.

  • It is mainly used by portable devices like media players and smartphones.

  • One of its most prominent users is Apple Inc.


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