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Recently, there has been significant growth in the use of Golang for artificial intelligence (AI). Although Python has long been the preferred language for AI (due to its ease of use and numerous libraries available), over the years Golang has proved to be a promising alternative to Python for developing highly performant AI applications.

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Golang, or simply Go, is an open-source, statically typed and compiled programming language designed by Google developers. Some of the characteristics that make Golang suitable for AI are:

  • Its high performance and scalability
  • Its growing number of libraries for AI and mathematical computations
  • Its good code readability
  • Its strong support for concurrency
  • Its superior error handling and memory safety

Golang is a highly efficient language, like C++,​ and easy to read like Python. Golang can perform complex mathematical computations 20-30 times faster than Python; thus, it’s suitable for machine learning algorithms that require large amounts of computation.

Golang also has rich support for concurrency with goroutines and channels, making it the preferred language for distributed and cloud computing.

Golang is also memory safe, which eliminates an entire ​category of memory-related errors.


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