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Hands-on text analysis using Azure

Ayyaz Sheikh

Text-Analytics is an Artificial Intelligence-based service offered by Microsoft Azure. It unveils the insights in unstructured datanot maintained in any pre-defined manners using pre-trained models built on top of the Natural Language Processing techniques.

Major services

  • Sentiment analysis
    Get to know how your services/ products are performing. Extracting useful information from reviews using opinion mining can help you move in the right business direction.

  • Language detection
    Given the text, pre-defined functions make it easy to detect the language, ISO code, and even the Country of the language.

  • Named entity recognition
    Using simple API functions, names, places, dates/times, etc., can be extracted from the raw text.

  • Other services are key phrase detection, extract health entities, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) recognition, and text summarization.


  • Azure subscription.
  • Visual Studio IDE.
  • Cognitive Services Contributor must be assigned to your Azure account, which enables you to use AI-based features of Azure.
  • Once you are done with the Azure setup, create a new resource for Text Analytics. This will give you an API key and endpoint to connect your application with the Azure resource.



Ayyaz Sheikh
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