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How can to check if two object values are equal in C#

Theodore Kelechukwu Onyejiaku

In C#, we can check if two object values are equal with the Equals() method. This method is used to get a Boolean value that indicates whether or not a certain value is equal to another.


public virtual bool Equals (object obj);


obj: This is the object we pass to the Equals() method to check if it is equal to a particular object or not.

Return value

A boolean value is returned. It returns true if two objects are equal, else, a false is returned.

Code example

In the example below, we will create some values and check if they are equal to one another, using the Equals() method.

// use System
using System;
// create class
class EqualityChecker
    // main method
    static void Main()
        // create some values
        string name = "Johnny";
        string platform = "Edpresso";
        bool isGreat = true;
        bool isHard = false;
        bool isCSharp = true;
        int num1 = 3 + 4;   // = 7
        int num2 = 5 + 6;   // = 13

        // compare them using 
        // the `Equals()` method
        PrintEquals((string)name, (string)platform);
        PrintEquals(name, name);
        PrintEquals(isGreat, isHard);
        PrintEquals(isGreat, isCSharp);
        PrintEquals(num1, num2);
        PrintEquals(num1, num1);

    // check string objects method
    static void PrintEquals(object obj1, object obj2){
             Console.WriteLine("Both of the values are equal");
             Console.WriteLine("Both of the values are not equal");
Check if objects are the same in C# using Equals() method


In the code given above:

  • In line 10 to line 16: We create strings, boolean values, and integers. They were created so we can check if some of them are equal to each other.

  • In line 29, we create a method PrintEquals() that will make use of the Equals() method to compare objects.

  • In line 20 to line 25, the method we create is called and the variables we created earlier were passed to the method.




Theodore Kelechukwu Onyejiaku

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