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How is C Used in Web Development?

Educative Answers Team

Generally speaking, C needs the help of a library to make it usable for web development.

There are two libraries that are commonly used to enable C to play well with the web:

1) LibOnion

LibOnion is a lightweight C library that helps create web servers in the C programming language. It’s based on request handlers that it uses to process all requests. The handlers may be nested, creating onion-like layers.

  • The first layer will generally check the server name.

  • The second layer checks for authentication.

  • The third checks if you asked for the right path.

  • Finally, the last returns a fixed message.

Handlers always have a next handler that will be called if the current handler will not process the current request.

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2) Cello

Cello is a library that brings higher level programming to C. It helps in web development as it is a powerful system that compiles at runtime, allowing things to execute easier, which otherwise would be difficult and impractical.


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