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How to activate virtualenv windows

Sarvech Qadir

virtualenv is a tool used to create isolated Python environments.

To begin, install pip(python package installer). python3 usually comes with pip installed, however, sometimes the command prompt (cmd) might not recognize it. When this occurs, you may get the error, “pip: command not found.” In this situation, download and make sure the file is saved to the Desktop.

Next, open the command prompt at Desktop to execute by typing:


Now, pip should work system wide.

Setting up virtualenv

In the command prompt, enter:

pip install virtualenv

Next, open the command prompt in the directory of the project you are working on.

cd project_path
virtualenv env

Now, we activate the env file. This can be done by activating the activate script in the Scripts folder. The following command creates an activate.bat batch file after activation.


This creates an activate.bat batch file after activation.


This file path is just an example. In reality, it could vary from user to user.

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Sarvech Qadir
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