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How to add an anchor point in Adobe Illustrator

Abdul Moeed Asad

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A path is any line or curve you can create with either the Pen, Pencil, or Curvature tool. In Adobe Illustrator, you can add anchor points on a path by clicking on the selected path within the Pen or Curvature tool.

The pen tool icon

Create a new anchor point

To create a new anchor on an already existing path, follow the steps below:

  • click the add anchor point tool
  • to add the anchor point, click the path at the desired area and the anchor point will appear

Remove an anchor point

An anchor point can be removed by clicking over it again (the mouse pointer will have a '-' sign when you hover over it this time).

Your pen tool may not change from * to + because the path you want to add to is not selected. You can tell if a path is selected if it is blue in color. To select a path, click it using the Selection tool.




Abdul Moeed Asad
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