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How to check if a character is a punctuation mark in C#

Theodore Kelechukwu Onyejiaku

The Char.IsPunctuation() method is a C# character method that is used to check if a character is categorized as a punctuation mark.


// for a single character
// for a character in a string
IsPunctuation(String, Int32)


  • Char: The character we want to check.

  • String: A string we want to check to see if its character specified at an index position is punctuation.

  • Int32: The index position of a character in a string that we want to check to see if it is a punctuation mark or not.

Return value

Char.isPunctuation returns a boolean value of true if the character is punctuation; else, it returns false.

Code example

We will demonstrate the use of the IsPunctuation() method in the example below.

// use System
using System;
// create class
class PunctuationChecker
    // create method
    static void Main()
      // create characters
      char c1 = '?';
      char c2 = '.';
      char c3 = ';';
      char c4 = 't';
      // create some strings
      string s1 = "Hello!";
      string s2 = "Edpresso";

      // check if characters are 
      // punctuation marks
      bool a = Char.IsPunctuation(c1);
      bool b = Char.IsPunctuation(c2);
      bool c = Char.IsPunctuation(c3);
      bool d = Char.IsPunctuation(c4);
      bool e = Char.IsPunctuation(s1, 5);  // last position
      bool f = Char.IsPunctuation(s2, 2);  // third position

      // print out returned values
      Console.WriteLine(a);  // True
      Console.WriteLine(b);  // True
      Console.WriteLine(c);  // True
      Console.WriteLine(d);  // False
      Console.WriteLine(e);  // True
      Console.WriteLine(f);  // False
Checking if a character is a punctuation mark in C#

As seen in the code above, every specified character is a punctuation mark except c4, which is 't', and the third character in string s2, which is 'r'.




Theodore Kelechukwu Onyejiaku

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