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How to convert applet to application and vice versa


Steps to convert applet to an application

  1. Change int() methods name to the construction.

  2. Replace “extends Applet” with “extends frame” for the class.

  3. Create a new main()method.

  4. Relate “import” statement for class applet.

  5. Add window listener’s method to handle window events.

Steps to convert an application to applet

  1. Add the “import java.applet” statement.

  2. Replace, “extends frame” with “applet”.

  3. Replace the construction with an applet.

  4. Click the layout for the applet. The default layout is a flow layout and is the border layout for the frame.

  5. Delete set XYZ() methods, like set size(), etc.

  6. Delete the main() method.

  7. Add on HTML file.



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