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How to do 3D transformations in CSS

Sarvech Qadir

CSS supports 3D transformations on many texts.

You can use the 3D transformation methods listed below with the transform property:

  1. rotateX()
  2. rotateY()
  3. rotateZ()

CSS Transform Properties

The following are a few CSS 3D properties:

  1. transform: The method is used to apply transformation (2D or 3D) to any element.

  2. transform-origin: This method is used to change the positions of any of the transformed elements.

  3. transform-style:This method refers to perspectives of viewing 3D elements. It shows how elements are formed in a 3D space.

  4. perspective-origin: This method is used to specify any bottom positions of our 3D elements in transformations.

  5. backface-visibility: This method is used to define if any element is allowed to be shown on the screen.


1. rotateX

2. rotateY

3. rotateZ




Sarvech Qadir
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