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How to downgrade node version

Nouman Abbasi

You can use n in Linux/macOS and nvm in Windows to manage node’s version.

Both n and nvm provide an easy interface to downgrade to a specific node version.

Install n or nvm

On Linux and macOS:
npm install -g n

n is not supported natively on Windows.

On Windows:
Use nvm, available for download here.

Downgrading Node

  • After installing n, enter the following command to downgrade to any version of Node:
    n <version>.

For example, running n 10.24.0 will install Node version 10.24.0.

  • For Windows and nvm, the command is:
    nvm install <version>.
  • After installation, run nvm use <version> to switch to the downgraded version of Node.




Nouman Abbasi
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