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How to get minimum value keys from a dictionary in Python

Gutha Vamsi Krishna

In this shot, we will learn how to get the keys with the minimum value in a dictionary.

We will start by defining the problem statement followed by an example.

Problem statement

Given a dictionary, find all the keys that have minimal value in the dictionary.


We are given a dictionary that has students’ names as the key and their ages as the value.


{"john":12,"steve":20,"robert":19, "diana":15,"riya":12}




Only john and riya are age 12, which is the minimum value in the given dictionary.


To solve this problem, we will:

  • Get all values from a dictionary.
  • Find out the minimum value from them.
  • Traverse through the dictionary using the for-in loop and list comprehension.
  • Check if the present key value equals the minimum value. If it does, we add it to the list.
  • Finally, print the list.
#declare dictionary students
students = {
    "john":12,"steve":20,"robert":19, "diana":15,"riya":12

#find minimum value in dictionary
minimum_value = min(students.values())

#get keys with minimal value using list comprehension
minimum_keys = [key for key in students if students[key]==minimum_value]

#print the minimum keys
Getting the keys with minimum value


In the code snippet above:

  • Line 2: We declare and initialize the dictionary students.
  • Line 7: We use the min function and pass all values of the dictionary as a parameter to get the minimum value in the dictionary.
  • Line 10: We traverse through the dictionary students and check if the present key’s value is equal to the minimum value. If it is, we use list comprehension to add it to a list.
  • Line 13: We print the list of keys that have a minimum value in the dictionary.



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