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How to install Anaconda Navigator



  • Windows 8 or 10 or a newer version, 32 bit or 64 bit

  • Installers

    linux-64bit, Windows-32bit, OSX-64bit, linux-32bit, Windows-64bit

Installing Navigator

Navigator automatically installs when you install Anaconda version 4.0.0 or higher.

If you have installed Miniconda or an older version of Anaconda, you can install navigator from the Anaconda prompt using:

conda install anaconda-navigator


step 1: Download Anaconda navigator.

step 2: It is recommended that it have some verifications and can verify the data.

step 3: Double click the installer to launch.

step 4: Click next.

step 5: Read the licensing terms and click, “I Agree”

step 6: Select an install for “Just me,” unless you are installing for all users, and click next.

step 7: Select the folder to install Anaconda and click next.

step 8: Choose the path to add your path or start menu.

step 9: Click on install, then click next.

step 10: To install PyCharm for Anaconda, click here.

We can also install anaconda without PyCharm by clicking the next button. step 11: After a successful installation you will see, " thanks for installing anaconda " Dialog box

step 12: Verify your installation.


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