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How to install Anaconda on Ubuntu

Sarvech Qadir
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What is an anaconda?

Anaconda is a free, open-source distribution of Python and R. It is available on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Anaconda provides its users with data science tools and packages by maintaining a package manager called conda. When you initially install anaconda, it comes with several pre-installed data science libraries. However, if the need arises, users can open the CMD.exe Prompt inside anaconda and download the required package with the conda command:

conda install {packageName}

Installing Anaconda in Ubuntu

Follow the steps below to install Anaconda on your linux machine.

Step 1

Click here, to visit the official Anaconda page. Download the latest Linux version and corresponding Python version (python 3.8 in our case).

You will be shown Anaconda installations for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Make sure you download the version from Linux.

Step 2

The step above downloads the latest version of Anaconda in your downloads folder. This download will be in the form of a .sh file, which may look like the file below:

Step 3

Open the downloads folder (or the folder where your .sh file is downloaded). Right-click to open the terminal in that folder, and type the following command:


A welcome message be will be output on the terminal. Click enter to start the installation.

Step 4

Confirm the path by clicking yes when asked about the confirmation.

Step 5

After you receive the following message:

installation finished.
Do you wish the installer to prepend the Anaconda3 install location
to PATH in your /home/user/.bashrc ? [yes|no]

Click yes so that the Anaconda path becomes a part of your .bashrc file. If you click no or ENTER, you will have to manually copy the Anaconda path and paste it into your .bashrc file.

Step 6

Once finished, activate the installation by entering:

source ~/.bashrc

Use the conda command to test the installation:

conda info 

Happy coding!


install anaconda
anaconda in ubuntu
anaconda linux


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