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How to install custom themes on Chrome dev tools

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If you’re a developer who spends a lot of time on the Chrome developer tool, then you may be interested in a custom theme for DevTools that is not the dark and light theme.

Steps to install a custom theme to your Chrome DevTools

  1. Open the Chrome console using CMD + OPTION + J

  2. Go to the Developer tool settings (shortcut → F1)

  1. Go to the Preferences tab and select the theme as dark, as shown below:
  1. Go to the Experiments tab and select Allow, custom UI themes as can be seen here:

Now, open the Chrome store and install any one of the themes from here.

I have installed the Material DevTools Theme Collection.

After this, close and open Chrome DevTools. This will apply the theme to your DevTools, as shown below:

You can also change the theme settings by clicking the Extension Icon.



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