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How to install Visual Studio Code on Windows OS


About VS Code

Visual Studio Code is a free source-code editor made by Microsoft for Linux, Windows, and mac OS. VS Code has support for debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, and embedded Git. Users can change the theme, add keyboard shortcuts, edit preferences, and install extensions to add functionality.

Microsoft has released Visual Studio Code’s source code on the’s VS Code repository under the permissive MIT License. The compiled binaries are freeware.

  • Developed by: Microsoft Corporation Developer(s): Microsoft Written in: TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS Platforms: x86-32 (32 bit Intel x86), x86-64, AArch64

How to install Visual Studio code

Step 1 :

  • Download VS code from here Link.

Step 2 :

  • Download the Visual Studio Code installer for Windows. Once it is downloaded, run the installer (VSCodeUserSetup-{version}.exe). Then, run the file – it will only take a minute.

  • Accept the agreement and click “next.”

  • After accepting all the requests press finish button. By default, VS Code installs under: "C:\users{username}\AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code."

  • If the installation is successful, you will see the following:


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