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How to know which software architecture is right for your program

Syed Muhammad Ali Mustafa

Software architecture plays a key role in implementing non-functional requirementscriteria to evaluate the software. Non-functional requirements are also referred to as ilities.

The architecture can be chosen by asking questions about what requirements are critical for the functioning of the software and what is less critical. The requirements can be prioritized based on the business goals.

Software Architecture

Architecture requirements

We can choose the architecture that best fits our requirements. There are many architectural requirements, some of which are listed as follows:

1. Availability

The system should be highly available and recover itself immediately whenever it breaks.

2. Modularity

The extent to which software is subdivided into smaller modules and the ability to have components that are reusable.

3. Flexibility

Software should be able to adjust to changes both in usability requirements and the environment without the need for changes in the structure.

4. Performance

The ability of a system to quickly respond to interactive operations of different kinds.

5. Portability

The ability of software to be used in different circumstances, across different platforms.

6. Modifiability

The system should be able to cope with modifications using less cost.

7. Responsiveness

The ability of software to adapt dynamically to varying workloads.

8. Scalability

The ability of software to cope with growing demands that may result in adding more resources.

9. Security

Software must be able to protect itself against threats and malware.



Syed Muhammad Ali Mustafa
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