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How to make the email newsletter with HTML and CSS

Behzad Ahmad

In order to create an email newsletter, we follow the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Add HTML

To process the input, we first have to create a form, add input fields and a submit button.

HTML code for the form


  • Line 1: We create a form using the form tag.

  • Lines 2–4: We create a div that displays the heading.

  • Lines 6–12: We create a div that takes the name and email as input using the input type="text" tag. We also add a checkbox for daily updates using the input type="checkbox" tag.

  • Line 14–16: We create a submit button using the input type="submit" tag.

Step 2: Add CSS

Next, let’s create the styling for our newsletter.

CSS code for the form


  • Lines 1–3: We add a border and border color to the form.

  • Lines 6–10: We set the padding and background color for the form.

  • Lines 13–21: We add custom styling for input fields.

  • Lines 22–36: We add styling for the checkbox and the submit button.

Step 3: Combine HTML and CSS

We now combine the HTML and CSS files in order to connect the form and the styling for the form.

Final output


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