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How to pass messages to transfer data between threads

Mohe Ud Din Sheikh


In Rust, we can achieve the safe passing of messages between threads using a channel. A channel is a communication medium that transmits a message between two halves—a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter end sends a message, while the receiver end is constantly scanning for messages from the transmission end. When the receiver receives a message, it forwards it to the thread that is using the receiver end. Let's explore a program example for a better understanding of this.


use std::sync::mpsc;
use std::thread;
use std::time::Duration;
//Declaring a function with the name of myfunc
fn myfunc(){

    let (tx, rx) = mpsc::channel();

    let tx1 = tx.clone();
    let vals1 = vec![
            String::from("Thread 1:Hi "),
            String::from("Thread 1:Thread 2 ?"),
// Created Thread 1
    thread::spawn(move || {
        for val in vals1 {
    let vals2 = vec![

            String::from("Thread 2:Hi"),
            String::from("Thread 2: Yes"),
//Created thread 2 
    thread::spawn(move || {

        for val in vals2 {
    // use loop to get all the messages from threads
    for received in rx {
        println!("Get: {}", received);

fn main() {
    //call the myfunc function




  • Lines 5–13: We declare a function, myfunc. After declaring the function, we declare tx and rx which will be used as a channel for communication. We also declare a vals1 variable that stores messages.
  • Lines 15–21: We declare a thread using thread::spawn. We use the vals1 variable as a message of the first thread.
  • Lines 23–28: We declare a new variable, vals2. This stores the vector that will be used as a message of the second thread.
  • Lines 30–37: We declare a second thread in which we use the vals2 values as messages.
  • Lines 39–41: We use a for loop to get all the messages from the thread.
  • Line 46: At the end, we call the myfunc function for communication.




Mohe Ud Din Sheikh
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