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How to perform weekly user testing

Sheza Naveed

User testing is a method where researchers give tasks to participants to perform on one or more user interfaces. While the participants are performing tasks, the researchers are observe them and listen to feedback.

Reasons for usability testing

User testing is important to ensure that the product provides a good user experience to the users. However, just one phase of user testing may not be able to identify all flaws. Moreover, the next iteration of the product after user testing may have its own flaws.

Weekly user testing is performed by carrying out multiple iterations of testing and testing the new version to see if the goals have been reached. It is recommended to carry out fast user testing that is also cheap. However, it is important to carry out as many user testing iterations as possible in the given amount of time. Testing each iteration each week can provide sufficient feedback with quick and constant improvements.

Weekly user testing offers several benefits such as:

  • Increases the motivation of the design and test team as they get reassurance in the form of feedback and that they are somewhat on the right track, and if not, they did not invest too much time and effort into something that did not work at all.

  • Allows the team to react in real-time and make rapid changes, as they are getting rapid feedback.

  • Costs less as several of these sessions can be conducted in a remote setting. Also, not too much investment is made in the development of something that did not work out.

  • Creates a culture of testing which means the user is valued more, and excellent user experience is provided due to exhaustive testing.

  • Improves knowledge as by going through several iterations of testing, the design and test team learns significantly about users and their usage patterns.




Sheza Naveed
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