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How to programmatically calculate the area of a cone in C#

Theodore Kelechukwu Onyejiaku


The surface area of a cone is the summation of the curved area of the cone and the area of the base.

A=πr(r+h2+r2)A=\pi r(r+ \sqrt{h^2+r^2} )


  • r is the radius of the cone.
  • h is the height of the cone.
  • π is the mathematical pi.

In C#, we can easily calculate the area of a cone. All we need to do is apply the formula or logic below.


Math.PI * r * (r + Math.Sqrt(h*h + r*r));


  • Math.PI: This is the pi we know in mathematics.
  • r: This represents the radius of the cone.
  • h: This represents the height of the cone.

Return value

The value returned is a double value which represents the surface area of a cone.


using System;
class HelloWorld
    // create function to get the areas
    static void GetArea(double h, double r){
        double area = Math.PI * r * (r + Math.Sqrt(h*h + r*r));
        Console.WriteLine("The area of the cone with height "+h+" and radius "+r+" is "+area);
    // main method
    static void Main()
      // create some radii of some cones
      double r1 = 10;
      double r2 = 1.5;
      double r3 = 4.5;

      // create also the heights of each cone
      double h1 = 2.2;
      double h2 = 5;
      double h3 = 20.5;

      // get the area of the cones
      GetArea(h1, r1);
      GetArea(h2, r2);
      GetArea(h3, r3);
Calculating the surface area of a cone in C#


  • Line 5: We create a method called GetArea() that takes two parameters, height and radius. It calculates the area of the cone and tells the user the result in the console.
  • Lines 14–16: Within the main function, we define the radii of the cones we want to calculate the areas of.
  • Lines 19–21: We define the heights of the cones as well.
  • Lines 24–26: We invoke the GetArea() method and passed it to the radii and heights we have created. We print the results to the console.




Theodore Kelechukwu Onyejiaku

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