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How to trim whitespaces in strings in JavaScript

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Trimming whitespaces

In JavaScript, we can trim whitespaces at the start and end of the string. We have three methods with different functionality to trim the whitespace:

  1. trim: trims whitespace at start and end of the string
  2. trimStart: trims whitespace at the start of the string
  3. trimEnd: trims whitespace at the end of the string

All of the above trim methods will return a new string; so, the original string remains untouched.

const msg = "   I love    educative     ";

// removes white space at the start

// removes white space at the end

// removes white space at both the start and the end

The whitespaces removed by the trim method include:

  • whitespace characters like space, tab, and no-break space.
  • line terminator characters like \n, \t, and \r.
console.log('Educative \n'); //new-line will be removed
console.log('A line wil be inserted above this line because of "\\n" '); 

console.log("So use trim method to remove \\n \\r \\t ...");

console.log('Educative \n'.trim()); //new-line will be removed

console.log('Educative \t'.trim());  //tab be removed

console.log('Educative \r'.trim()); // new line wil be removed

Removing whitespace in a multi-line string

const multiLine = `


❤️ Educative


Alias methods

There are alias methods for the trimStart and trimEnd methods.

  • trimStart has alias as trimLeft
  • trimEnd has alias as trimRight

Both methods have the same implementation.

const msg = "   I love    educative     ";

// removes white space at start
console.log("Trim Start -" , msg.trimStart());
console.log("Trim Left - " , msg.trimLeft());

// removes white space at end
console.log("Trim End -" , msg.trimEnd());
console.log("Trim Right - " , msg.trimRight());

We can use the trim method when we are getting the value of a text box. The user may have added some whitespace in the input box, which we will remove and process the input value.



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