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How to upload data in Python


Introduction to data upload

Data upload is the process of sending data to a server. Uploading is when data is sent from your computer to the Internet. Uploading data could include uploading a profile picture on LinkedIn, creating a shot on edpresso, etc.

The opposite of upload is download. Download means using your computer to receive data from the Internet.

Uploading a file is something we do every day. In this article, we will look at how to upload data in Python.

Uploading data with Python

Let’s imagine a server that we log-in to and upload our data to. There are basically four steps to uploading data with Python:

  1. Installing ftplib module
    The ftplib is a module in Python that can allow us to upload data using the “File Transfer Protocol”.
pip install ftplib
  1. Importing the ftplib module
    The next step is to import the ftplib to our Python file.
import ftplib
  1. Connecting to the server and supplying our login details
ftp = ftplib.FTP("")
ftp.login("username", "password")
  1. Opening the file that will store the data and send using the ftblib
file = open('index.html','rb')   
ftp.storbinary("STOR " + file, open(file, "rb"))

The program above sends and stores the file above. The storbinary method above tells us that it should be stored in the server.

When the code above is run, you will realize that a file called "index.html" has been created in the server.


We have learned what data upload is and discovered that, in this scenario, we can upload data to a server or the internet using the Python ftplib module.


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