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How to use Broadcast Channel API

Chidume Nnamdi

Broadcast Channel API

Broadcast Channel API allows basic communication between browsing contexts.

This API allows the communication of messages or data from different browsing contexts on the same origin.

The browsing contexts include windows, tabs, iframes, workers, etc.

The BroadcastChannel class is used to create or join a channel.

const politicsChannel = new BroadcastChannel("politics")

politics will be the name of the channel. Any context that initializes the BroadcastChannel constructor with politics will join the politics channel. It will receive any messages sent on the channel and can send a message into the channel.

If it is the first to BroadcastChannel constructor with politics, the channel will be created.

To post to a channel, use the BroadcastChannel.postMessage API.

To subscribe to a channel (to listen for messages), use the BroadcastChannel.onmessage event.

To demonstrate the usage of Broadcast Channel, I built a simple chat app:

        <h2>Web APIs<h2>
    <div class="web-api-cnt">

        <div class="web-api-card">
            <div class="web-api-card-head">
                Demo - BroadcastChannel
            <div class="web-api-card-body">
                <div class="page-info">Open this page in another <i>tab</i>, <i>window</i> or <i>iframe</i> to chat with them.</div>
                <div id="error" class="close"></div>
                <div id="displayMsg" style="font-size:19px;text-align:left;">
                <div class="chatArea">
                    <input id="input" type="text" placeholder="Type your message" />
                    <button onclick="sendMsg()">Send Msg to Channel</button>


    const l = console.log;
    try {
        var politicsChannel = new BroadcastChannel("politics")
        politicsChannel.onmessage = onMessage
        var userId =
    } catch(e) {
        error.innerHTML = "BroadcastChannel API not supported in this device."

    input.addEventListener("keydown", (e) => {
        if(e.keyCode === 13 && > 0) {

    function onMessage(e) {
        const {msg,id}
        const newHTML = "<div class='chat-msg'><span><i>"+id+"</i>: "+msg+"</span></div>"
        displayMsg.innerHTML = displayMsg.innerHTML + newHTML
        displayMsg.scrollTop = displayMsg.scrollHeight

    function sendMsg() {

        const newHTML = "<div class='chat-msg'><span><i>Me</i>: "+input.value+"</span></div>"
        displayMsg.innerHTML = displayMsg.innerHTML + newHTML

        input.value = ""

        displayMsg.scrollTop = displayMsg.scrollHeight


I began by setting up the UI view. It’s a simple text and button. Type in your message and press the button to send the message.

In the scripts section, I initialize politicsChannel and set an on-message event listener on politicsChannel so it will receive and display the messages.

The sendMsg function is called by the button. It sends the message to politicsChannel via the BroadcastChannel#postMessageAPI. Any tab, iframe, or worker that initializes this same script will receive the messages sent from here, and so this page will receive the messages sent from the other context.

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