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How to use Scratch



Scratch is a visual programming language developed by the MIT lab in 2007 that helps users create their own stories, games, etc.

Scratch allows users to:

  • Drag and drop with different color blocks, which makes it easy for them to program
  • Access online projects

Scratch has been translated into 70+ languages and is used in most parts of the world.

When you first open Scratch, you will see the page above. This page is called the interface, and it contains the following:

Menu bar

The menu bar is list the options that perform application-specific functions. You can click on:

  • file
  • tutorial
  • edit
  • etc.


Tabs shows users, and allows them to change the current sprite’s costume, program, and sound.
In the code block, users can see the code of the current sprite.
In the costume tab, users can see the different sprite costumes, edit the costumes or make new costumes.
In the sound tab, users can add or make changes to the sprite. Users can create multiple sprites with multiple costumes with different codes and sounds.

Block palette

The block palette contains the different blocks users can use while programming.
The block palette contains different block categories, each with a specific function and color so that their category can be easily identified.

Stage area

The stage area, which is 480 units wide with 360 units tall, is where users can see the actions of the sprite or program.
The center of the stage is defined between the x and y coordinates, with(0,0) in the center.
The upper-right is(240,180),lower-right(240,-180),lower-left is(-240,-180), and upper-left(-240,180)

Coding area

The coding area is where users drag and drop the code blocks to make a program.

List of sprites

Under the stage area, users can see the list of sprites they used in the program.
At the bottom, of the page, there will be a symbol. Once a user clicks on this symbol, they will be able to see different sprites with different motions.

At the bottom corner of the page, users will see another a sign. If they click on that, they will see different backgrounds.

Users can use multiple sprites with multiple backgrounds. They can also have other codes for those selected sprites and backgrounds.

Green flag / red stop

These signs indicate the start and stop of the program:

  • When a users clicks on the green flag, the program starts.

  • When a user clicks on the red flag, the program stops.


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