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How to use toggle in jQuery

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Toggle in jQuery simply refers to a built-in method that can be applied to any element on a page; it is used to hide or show that particular element. The button that is used to toggle moves over the text to hide it.

Once clicked again, the button goes back to its original position and reveals the text.


The toggle method has the syntax as shown below:



  • speed: This can either be given in milliseconds or in the textual input as “slow” or “fast”. The speed determines the rate at which the toggle will hide or show the text.

  • easing: This has two possible input values,“swing” or “linear”, with the former being the default value. This value determines whether the entire toggle will run at the same pace (i.e. linearly) or if it will increase speed in the middle (i.e. swinging).

  • callback: This is simply a method that can be called to execute once the toggle method has run.

Note: All three of these parameters are optional.

Now that we know how the method works, let’s look at different implementations of the method below!


1. Simple toggle

The example below shows how to simply use the toggle method

  • HTML
Learning how to toggle

2. Adding delay

The example below shows how to add a delay to the toggle method. In this example,​ we have added a delay of 2 seconds

  • HTML
Adding a slight delay to the toggle

3. Adding delay without using numbers

The example below shows how to use the delay functionality, using built-in textual values, instead of giving it a time-limit

  • HTML
Using fast instead of a time limit

4. Using the easing property

The example below shows how to change the easing property of the toggle method to linear, and how to add a time-delay of a few seconds.

  • HTML
Setting toggle "ease" to "linear"

5. Using callback

The example below shows how a callback method can be implemented in the toggle method upon its execution

  • HTML
Using the callback method after toggle


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