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How to write an interface with the static method in Java

Sumit Sharma

In this shot, we will discuss how to write an interface with static methods.

Java 8 came with many new features, including interfaces with static methods.

Static methods in interfaces

A static method in an interface is the same as defined inside a class. Moreover, static methods can be called within other static and default methods.


Let us look at the below code snippet:

interface Car {
   //static interface methods
   static int getHP(int rpm, int torque) {
       return (rpm * torque) / 5252;

class myMain1 
   public static void main(String[] args) {
       System.out.println("alto car has a horsepower of: "+Car.getHP(3500,69));
Implementing static method in Java


  • In lines 1 to 6, we make an interface using a static method with a body.

  • In lines 8 to 13, we see an interface’s static method is called without the interface’s implementation or the creation of any object.

Now, if we want to calculate the horsepower of a given car’s engine, we call the getHP() method:

Car.getHP(2500, 480));

Static interface methods were introduced to provide a simple mechanism that increases a design’s degree of cohesion by putting together related methods in one single place without having to create an object.



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