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Introduction to FUSE Clients

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FUSE is short for filesystem in the userspace. Modern Operating Systems divide the virtual memory into the kernel space and the userspace. The kernel space is where the operating system kernel, related software, and most device drivers operate. The user space is where the application software and some drivers work.

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Why use FUSE?

Using a filesystem in the userspace has a few advantages:

  1. The user has more control over their files.
  2. It allows unprivileged users to access filesystems without having to make changes to the kernel.
  3. Any bug in the user space will not harm the kernel.

FUSE Clients

FUSE Clients are applications that allow the use of FUSE technology. There are a fair amount of clients available, many with distinct functions and uses.

Examples of FUSE Clients include CernVM-FS*used as a software distribution system, restica free backup application, and goofysa FUSE filesystem that allows access to Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3 storage.


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