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Introduction to Nuxt.js

Mohammad Razi ul Haq

Nuxt.js is an MIT licensed, open source project that is used for creating Vue.js applications. The framework allows Vue developers to take advantage of fast, high-end technologies in an organized manner. The framework allows simple and powerful web-development.

Why use Nuxt?

Nuxt uses the best practices of Node.js and Vue.js allowing applications to perform really well. The applications developed using Nuxt have no unnecessary code that could hinder the performance of the application.

A bundle analyzer is included to fine-tune the application’s performance.

Nuxt also offers modular development, which uses pre-built modules that allow for the quick deployment of applications. This way, users do not have to reinvent the wheel and write the codes from scratch.

Nuxt allows server-side renderingHTML code is sent directly to the Vue components rather than javascript code. Since HTML code is used, it allows for SEO on the websites too.

Getting started with Nuxt

  1. Create nuxt app:
npm init nuxt-app <project-name>

The installation process will ask some questions, leave answers appropriately.

  1. Once all dependencies are installed, just move to that directory and launch it:
cd <project-name>
npm run dev
  1. The application is now running on http://localhost:3000http://localhost:3000




Mohammad Razi ul Haq

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