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laravel vs. symfony

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A PHP framework provides a platform for streamlining web application development. Not only does it increase the speed of the development process, but it also contains libraries with pre-packaged functions and classes for a software design pattern. There are many widely used PHP frameworks including codeigniter, cakePHP, laravel, symfony, yii, etc. In this shot, we are going to talk about the key features between two of the most significant frameworks of PHP: laravel and symfony.

laravel and symfony are two of the most popular PHP frameworks because both frameworks have the ability to speed up the development of PHP applications and provide syntax that is easy to learn, maintain, and design. Both frameworks have their advantages, so their use depends on user-requirement.


Why laravel?

  1. It is a suitable option when a user is developing applications with complex backend requirements.

  2. It provides features (e.g., data migration, MVC architecture, security, routing, etc.) that help to customize complex applications.

  3. It is a highly expressive platform that does not compromise on speed or security in modern web applications. laravel is a useful platform for websites and frequently-updated applications.

Why symfony?

  1. It is the perfect choice for developing large-scale enterprise projects.

  2. It boasts database engine–independence, and allows for easy integration with other libraries.

  3. It is highly flexible and can integrate into bigger projects.

Key differences

The major differences between both platforms are calculated through a series of factors:

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Performance & Scalability. Although laravel is based on symfony components, it allows a user to do PHP programming with less code and higher performance. However, symfony is the optimal choice for doing complex web projects.

Database support. symfony supports more databases than laravel, because of this, data manipulation and data management are much simpler with symfony.

Modularity. symfony is still the best choice for code modularity and component reusability due to its ability to organize code and complex applications.

Popularity, documentation, & learning curve In terms of popularity, laravel beats symphony as the most popular platform among developers. laravel operations are also easy to learn.


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