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Learning about "letter-spacing" in CSS

Educative Answers Team

Letter-spacing is the space before and after each letter. Whenever we type text, each letter in the text has a particular distance from the one before and after it.

Using the letter-spacing property in CSS we can define how much space to give between letters.

How to use this property

The following snippet shows the syntax used to envoke the letter-spacing property.

         letter-spacing: normal | size in pixels | size in em | size in cm

What values can be given to this property?

The letter-spacing property can take in multiple types of values. Let’s look at a few possible ones:

  • If you simply type normal then it gives the default spacing between letters

  • You can also write a number followed by px to signify the distance in pixels between letters

  • You can also write a number followed by cm to signify the distance in centimeters between letters

  • Lastly, the spacing can also be specified in em where 1 em is equivalent to 16 pixels

Now let’s look at some examples of how to use letter-spacing.


1. Using normal

This sets the letter-spacing to its default value.

  • HTML

2. Using pixels

The example below shows how to set the spacing between the letters to a difference of 10 pixels. You can change the number in the code snippet below, to see how spacing varies.

  • HTML

While the example below also assigns a pixel value to letter-spacing. This time the value is a negative number. This will decrease the default spacing by that number of pixels.

  • HTML

3. Using em

In the example below, we have set the letter-spacing to 0.25em. As em in itself is equivalent to 16 pixels, this will result in a spacing of 4 pixels.

  • HTML

4. Using cm

The spacing in the example below is set to 1cm between each letter.

  • HTML


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