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Major difference between web3 and web2

Theodore Kelechukwu Onyejiaku

What is Web3?

Also known as the semantic web, Linked Data Web, the Web of Data, the Enterprise Information Web, and Web 3.0. This is the third generation or version of the web. It is worthy to remember that Web3 is not Blockchain, but will be driven and housed by Blockchain technology.

So what is Web3? In simple terms, Web3 is a form of the world wide web that no one will own. It will be decentralized. It belongs to everyone.

With Web3, we have powerful features of the web like decentralization, trustless and permissionless, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, connectivity, and ubiquity.

Most of these features will be provided by Blockchain Technology! Here are some characteristics or features of blockchain characteristics.

Blockchain Will Power and House Web3

Major differences between Web3 and Web2

The following are some major differences between Web3 and Web2.

  • Decentralized vs. Centralized: With Web3, there is no one that has the power to suspend one's account, remove one's post, etc. This is simply because no one can alter what has been put on the web. There is no database owned by one company that will contain one's data so as to remove, delete, and update one's content.
  • Little censorship vs. no censorship: Since there is no proprietary server owned by anyone that houses data on Web3 and due to the anonymousness that Blockchain provides, no one can really tell who one's are. For us to know a particular person would mean to know their address on the blockchain but not in real life.
  • No downtime vs. downtime can occur: Once upon a time, Facebook was down for hours. This can never happen in Web3. This is because Web3 will be powered by super and high processing computers around the world known as nodes. When one node fails another one picks up.
  • Expensive vs. cheap: As a developer, one may want to deploy an application on a blockchain network, and this would require payment. This payment is called gas fees. Because the people who set up nodes and validate transactions and consensus on a typical blockchain network have to be rewarded. And the charge is really breathtaking. However, as for Web2, one can easily deploy an app to production with little or no cost.
  • Poor scalability vs. high scalability: Scalability is a problem for Blockchain. Scalability is how a system can be able to adjust if there are changes. Because there can be as many transactions or records as can be per second on a blockchain network that powers a Web3 application, it will require more time. This is because, for a transaction or a record to be stored on a blockchain network, miners will need to mine. Unlike in Web2, everything is fast. There is no need for validation, cryptography, and other features embedded with the Web3.
  • Requires more knowledge vs. is easy to use: For one to use any of the current products of Blockchain one will need to learn a few stuff. It is not a walk in the park. It is easy to use any of the Web2 products available today. And doing so doesn’t really require much knowledge.




Theodore Kelechukwu Onyejiaku

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