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Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate

Nouman Abbasi

The Azure Data Scientist Associate is one of many Microsoft Certifications that give a professional advantage by providing globally recognized and industry-endorsed evidence of mastering skills in digital and cloud businesses.

An Azure Data Scientist applies their knowledge of Data Science and Machine Learning to implement and run Machine Learning workloads on Azure (the Azure Machine Learning Service in particular).

This process includes planning and creating a suitable working environment for Data Science workloads on Azure, running data experiments and training predictive models, managing and optimizing models, and deploying machine learning models into production.

Skills measured

  • Set up an Azure Machine Learning workspace
  • Run experiments and train models
  • Optimize and manage models
  • Deploy and consume models


To earn the certificate, you must pass the following exam:

Exam DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure

The exam tests the following skills:

  1. Set up an Azure Machine Learning Workspace (30-35%)
  2. Run Experiments and Train Models (25-30%)
  3. Optimize and Manage Models (20-25%)
  4. Deploy and Consume Models (20-25%)

You can schedule the exam and take the official practice test here.




Nouman Abbasi
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