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Node.js vs. react.js

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Node.js and react.js are two different technologies that do different things. Node.js is used to construct backend (server-side) code, whereas react is a frontend (client-side) library. While both are JavaScript technologies, no direct comparison exists between the two. These technologies are often part of the same project. In fact, the greatest advantage of learning both technologies is that you can work server-side and client-side using the same programming language - JavaScript.

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Node often serves as backend to react frontend websites

Why use node?

  1. JavaScript and NPM: You only have to learn one language if you choose node for your server-side implementation because JavaScript is the de facto language of frontend web development. Additionally, using NPM (Node Package Manager) to manage your libraries is a great advantage to developer productivity.
  2. Scalable: With Chrome’s V8 runtime and features, such as the cluster module that enables​ nodes to load-balance on multiple CPU cores, node is built for scalability.
  3. Non-blocking, event-driven: Node is proficient in how it handles events; therefore, it is resource-efficient.

Why use react?

  1. Reusable Components: With react, you can create reusable components that greatly increase developer productivity.
  2. Community: Being the most popular front-end web development technology, react has a vibrant community. Due to this, you can expect react to support all sorts of features.
  3. Mobile Development: You can use React code for mobile development using React Native.

For a comparison of frontend technologies, you may be interested in our shot on the differences between react and angular.


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