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React Native vs. Cordova

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Cordova is an open-source framework used for creating cross-platform hybrid mobile applications with web standards such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

React Native, created by Facebook, is also an open-source framework, but for creating native cross-platform mobile applications.

The comparison below analyzes the boot-up speed, rendering and execution times, and debugging capabilities of the two frameworks.

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  • Cordova creates smaller bundle packages after compiling since only the plug-ins that were specifically added are included.

  • Cordova apps have a better build performance than React Native applications due to their smaller bundles.

  • Cordova applications are written in standard web technologies, like HTML and CSS, for the visual features.

  • Cordova does not utilize multithreading technology.

  • The execution and rendering time of Cordova applications is much longer than native applications.

  • Cordova does not provide any built-in tools for debugging; however, Safari’s WebInspector and Chrome’s DevTools can be configured with Cordova to debug JavaScript code.

  • React Native creates larger final bundle packages because all the built-in support for the native functionality has to be bundled together.

  • React Native applications take more time to compile than Cordova apps.

  • React Native’s UI components are linked to native UI views for visual features of the application.

  • React Native utilizes multithreading technology.

  • The execution and rendering time of React Native applications is much shorter than Cordova applications.

  • React Native uses the Chrome Developer tool to remotely debug JavaScript code; however, cross- hierarchy debugging is not supported with this tool.


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