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React vs. svelte

Saad Akbar

React and Svelte are frameworks that are used to develop the front end of web applications. Both languages use JavaScript as their core language. The table below compares the two applications:


  • React uses virtual DOM to update state of the application.

  • React is slower compared to Svelte because there is overhead code in the browser to use the virtual DOM concept.

  • CSS code is written in different files with the .css extension.

  • React is easier for developers since it listens for mutations in the code, so as soon as the code is changed and developers save the file in their local environment, the virtual DOM updates the application in the browser.

  • React has a huge amount of packages available that can easily be integrated in React applications.


  • Svelte compiles JavaScript code into the web application and does not add overhead code in the browser.

  • Svelte is faster than React since there is no extra code added in the browser.

  • Svelte allows adding CSS code in the same script as the component code file.

  • Svelte does not listen for any mutations in the code, and developers have to build the code again. This wastes a lot of time for even small changes in code.

  • There are not many packages available to integrate in Svelte.


React and Svelte are both amazing front-end frameworks in their own way; however, React is more famous and commonly used because it is older than Svelte and is easier to use to develop web applications.



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