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The "class" attribute in CSS

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HTML has a class attribute that is used by CSS to assign different properties within one block so that it can be assigned to any element. Once assigned a specific class, these elements will have all the properties that are attributed to that particular class.

Why are classes important?

  • Using a class in CSS allows the user to apply the same style to multiple elements without having to repeat blocks of CSS code.
  • More than one class can be assigned to an element, hence they can have multiple styles.
  • It is easier to change the formatting of a class as opposed to having to change it for multiple elements
  • One class can be assigned to different types of elements like a paragraph or a heading style and hence create design coherence if need be

How to declare a class

Any class is declared by preceding the class name with a (.). The code below shows how to do this.

Note: A class name is case-sensitive

How to assign a class

Now that we know how to declare a class, we will learn how to assign it to a particular element. The example below shows how to do this.

  • From lines 4 to 8 the exampleClass is defined and assigned particular properties

  • The exampleClass is assigned to an element in line 12

  • The same type of element is declared on line 13 but it does not have any class assigned to it

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