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Tuples vs. List in Python

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Tuple and List are two data structures in Python that can store data. Both data structures store data in a specific order of any type (e.g. integers or strings).

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Comparison between a Tuple and a List:

Tuple List
A tuple consists of immutable objects. (Objects which cannot change after creation) A list consists of mutable objects. (Objects which can be changed after creation)
Tuple has a small memory. List has a large memory.
Tuple is stored in a single block of memory. List is stored in two blocks of memory (One is fixed sized and the other is variable sized for storing data)
Creating a tuple is faster than creating a list. Creating a list is slower because two memory blocks need to be accessed.
An element in a tuple cannot be removed or replaced. An element in a list can be removed or replaced.
A tuple has data stored in () brackets. For example, (1,2,3) A list has data stored in [] brackets. For example, [1,2,3]

When each is used:

A tuple should be used whenever the user is aware of what is inserted in the tuple. Suppose that a college stores the information of its students in a data structure; in order for this information to remain immutable it should be stored in a tuple.

Since lists provide users with easier accessibility, they should be used whenever similar types of objects need to be stored. For instance, if a grocery needs to store all the dairy products in one field, it should use a list.


This program stores data in a tuple and in a list; it then displays the size of both data structures.

tuple_A = ('Name = John Cleverly','Grade = Grade 2','ID = 123', 'Section = B')
list_B  = ['Milk','Butter', 'Dessert', 'Ice cream']

print'Tuple data is : ', tuple_A
print'List data is : ', list_B

print'size of a tuple is : ',tuple_A.__sizeof__()
print'size of a list is : ',list_B.__sizeof__()

Despite the fact that there are more characters stored in the tuple, the list is bigger.


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