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Types of software documentation


Software documentation

Software documentation is a piece of concise information about a software product that could be for the use of the product team or the users. It is either functional or task-oriented. This shot will help in understanding the different types of software documentation.

Software documentation


The software can be primarily documented in functional documentation or a task-oriented manner.

  1. Functional documentation: This explains the various component parts of a software product. Functional documentation can exist in the following manner.

    • Requirement documentation: This is a primary document of the software product. It is produced at the initiation of the project, and it states the function of the software. It is very useful for the developer team. It explains the purpose of the software.

    • Design documentation: This document states how the software will function. The developer team receives this document to understand how the software can be designed to carry out its stated function.

    • Source code documentation: This document contains the source code of the project and the control version of the software. A README file is also in this documentation to help guide new developers on improving the software if need be.

    • Testing documentation: This document contains the requirements for software to be certified useful. It works as a guide for testing before launching.

    • End user documentation: This document is more graphical and less technical because it tries to explain the software to the user. This is a part of the functional documentation important to the end user.

  2. Task-oriented documentation: Task-oriented documentation helps guide users in achieving the purpose of the software. It guides users through the usage of a product. Task-oriented documentation is focused on the task carried out by the software and its expected result.

    • User guide: A user guide document can help users start up software appropriately and erase the gap between the production team and users.

    • Tutorial: A tutorial documentation can help users carry out specific tasks with the software. Tutorials may come as video clips and are well-documented for users’ needs.

    • Procedure: A procedure documentation is part of software documentation as it could help users resolve issues when they arise during the use of the software.



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