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Unicode Arrows

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Apart from displaying arrow symbols using plain lines, we can also portray arrows in plain or emoji form using unicodes. Unicode values can be used in HTML, other programming codes, ​or any kind of text editor.

Using Unicodes

In order to display ​arrow icons using their unicodes, follow the steps below:

  • Type the Unicode Hex at the place where you want the arrow icon to be displayed.

  • Select the typed Unicode using the cursor or the keyboard.

  • While the Unicode Hex is selected, hold the Alt key and hit X.

  • Release the Alt key to view the arrow emoji icon.

Unicodes for Arrow emojis

Arrow Emoji Name Unicode Hex
πŸ” Top &#x1F51D
πŸ”œ Soon &#x1F51C
πŸ”› On &#x1F51B
πŸ”š End &#x1F51A
πŸ”™ Back &#x1F519
πŸ”€ Twisted-Right &#x1F500
πŸ” Right-Left Loop &#x1F501
πŸ”ƒ Up-Down Loop &#x1F503
πŸ“© Incoming Mail &#x1F4E9


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