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Webpack vs. Gulp

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Webpack is a JavaScript module bundler. Gulp is a build system that automates tasks. They are both open-source software.

Let’s go over some of the main differences between them:

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Webpack vs. Gulp


  • A module bundler that generates static assets from modules and their dependencies. It can also be used to run tasks.

  • Has complex commands and a steeper learning curve.

  • Is more powerful in terms of functionality. For instance, it can be used to load only specific functions from massive libraries. This enhances the performance of the web application.

  • Plug-ins are easier to code and control.


  • Is used to automate tasks. It takes in a JavaScript function and runs it. It is primarily used to run tests, compile Sass, and remove redundant code. It can also use Uglify.js, which is used to compress code.

  • Is easy to use and understand. Hence, it is preferred over Webpack for simple build functionality.

  • Compared to Webpack, it’s functionality is less advanced.

  • Offers a large variety of plug-ins.


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