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What are best practices to ensure timely software delivery?

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Every company has its own way of working and dealing with customers. However, there are some basic practices that almost all organizations follow to increase productivity and produce efficient results. Let’s discuss some of those practices.

Best practices for a team lead

A team lead is responsible for resolving internal matters and ensuring smooth communication with all the stakeholders. They are, ultimately, responsible for the overall success and the failure of the team. There are specific actions that a team leader can take to guarantee smooth development.

Let's look at some practices that a team lead should follow:

  • A team lead should meet with stakeholders and discuss appropriate timelines.
  • The main objectives of the product should be communicated to the team.
  • A team lead should evaluate their employees' skills and ensure that they are trained accordingly.
  • A team lead should have a positive approach to resolving an issue.
  • "Lead by example" should be a team lead's motto.

Best practices within a team

Apart from the best practices recommended for a team lead, there are also some practices that are helpful for team members to follow. If a team is united and has a positive mindset toward a problem, they become more efficient at solving issues.

Let's look at some team practices that we can implement to ensure smooth software delivery:

  • We should have regular discussions with one another.
  • We should help each other when required.
  • We should regularly communicate with the team lead.
  • Pair programming, when developing, can lead to better outcomes.
  • Instead of blaming each other, the team should stick together to find the solution to a problem.
  • A team should work according to their strengths and lift each other up.


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