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What are business requirements?

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Business requirements define a project’s needs and requirements for success while keeping in mind the target audience. It describes the reasons for creating a particular project, who will use it, what benefits the users will receive, and what methods will evaluate the project’s success. Business requirements do not explain how the project is to be created.

Business requirements highlight the broad outcomes of a project and do not discuss functional details.

Business requirements are discussed with the project owners and stakeholders.

What does a business requirement include?

A business requirement can include:

  • Key objectives and identification of a problem.
  • Benefits of the proposed solution.
  • Project scope.
  • Rules, regulations, and policiesincludes government policies as well.
  • Key features of the project. This can include what will the facilities project offer to the users.
  • Performance and security features.
  • Metrics to measure the success of the project.

What does a business requirement not include?

A business requirement does not include the following:

  • Details of the functional requirements of the system.
  • Details of the implementation of functional or performance requirements.
  • Details of how to implement policies and regulations.

Business requirements can include graphs, charts, diagrams, and models to convey requirements as best as possible.

We should note that business requirements should be practical and verifiable, unambiguous, and effectively state solutions to problems.

The illustration below summarizes the features of a business requirement:

Features of business requirements




Hassaan Waqar
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