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What are design systems in the user experience design?



The product design process is made much easier with design systems. These consist of reusable templates, guidelines, and elements that allow teams to design and develop a product with predetermined standards.

Components of a design system

Components of a design system

Levels in a design system

Visual styles

  1. Typography: This is an art element used for making texts and letters legible and readable to the reader.
  2. Color palette: These are the set of usable colors for designing any user interface.
  3. Iconography: These are the set of usable colors for designing any user interface.
  4. Grid definition: This is the definition of spaces that should exist between elements.


  1. Design principles: This refers to the cohesion of design principles and design choices.
  2. Editorial guidelines: This involves the use of style guides in adding content to a designed product.
  3. Implementation guidelines: This is the right implementation of the stated design elements and components on a product with the use of the right style.

User interface patterns

  1. Elements: Elements are touch points on the user interface design. They are present on the interface and help guide users in navigating the product.
  2. Components: Components are reusable elements in interface design. They help maintain consistent design across every design project.
  3. Modules: Modules, as represented in the user interface pattern, divide a design into sub-divisions and merge back together after perfecting the individual parts of the design.
  4. Templates: This is a reusable layout in design, and when opened can restart a new design project. Templates are for creation of new designs when opened.

Benefits of a design system

Design systems offer consistency for designers and users. They reinforce a company's brand identity and ensure the scalability of the product. Design systems save time and money by increasing efficiency for individuals and teams by helping designers and developers work together more effectively.



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