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What are friendly URLs?

Educative Answers Team
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A friendly URL is an easy-to-read web address that describes the content of the webpage. It can be:

  • user-friendly: helps the users easily remember the URL.
  • search engine - friendly: helps describe the page to search engines.
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User-friendly URLs

User-friendly URLs should be short and easy to remember. They help users recognize web addresses and allow higher traffic to the page since users can directly type a URL in the address bar.

For example,

is easier to remember than$region=us

Since most websites use content-based variables within the address bar, it is difficult to create friendly URLs. Therefore, most developers use URL Writingtelling web servers to load a different URL to create simple URLs that can redirected users to complex pages.

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Search Engine-Friendly URLs

These URLs include relevant keywords that help boost the ranking of the web page. Search engines use web addresses to provide search results so, by placing keywords in the search engine, web developers can boost their page rankings.

For example, a blog that includes tips for Windows 7 may have a URL like:

For this shot, we can use a URL such as:

This method helps to boost ranking while making short, user-friendly URLs.

However, it is important to understand that search engines primarily focus on content to display results, therefore, long URLs may not be very useful.


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