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c# 8.0

What are indices and ranges in C# 8.0?

Rukhshan Haroon

In C# 8.0, additional support was added to facilitate array indexing. The new syntax is easier to use and more intuitive to understand.


In previous versions of C#, we access an array element as follows, given that its index is known:

//months is the array name
//1 is the known index

When the array length and index are unknown, we use the array.Length function to access an array element, given that we know its position from the last index:

//months.Length function returns the length of the array, and we use it to access the second last element

In C# 8.0, a variable of type Index can be defined instead and used as the array index. In the example below, the variable of type Index starts counting from the start:

Index ind=5;

To access the second to last index of an array in C# 8.0, we can alter the functionality of the Index variable by inserting the ^ operator. Now, the variable of type Index will start counting from the end:

//accesses second element from the end
Index ind=^2;


Similarly, to access a range of values, we can use the .. range operator, introduced in C# 8.0.

The start (inclusive) and end (exclusive) indices are to be provided before and after the .. operator, respectively.

The following snippet demonstrates how to extract a substring that starts from the 2nd index and ends at the 5th index of the original array:

string [] sample=months[2..6];

We can use the ^ operator in ranges as well:

// stores the second last, and last elements of months in sample
string [] sample=months[^2..^0];


c# 8.0


Rukhshan Haroon
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